With over 18+ years experience in athlete performance enhancement, Jonathan Griffin PhD brings innovation, education, and proven application to the worlds of high performance, sports science, health, fitness, and wellness.


Jonathan, known colloquially as Griff, has been an elite rugby union coach and strength and conditioning (S&C) scientist having been involved in elite professional sport as an athlete, coach, and performance manager for almost 20 years. He has provided support services for elite, professional, youth, and international teams and individual athletes, across a range of sports including soccer, rugby, fencing, and para-triathlon. In addition, he has worked extensively as a coach-mentor.

Griff holds a PhD in Performance Physiology from the University of Surrey, a Masters in Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University, BSc (hons) Sport and Exercise Science from University of Brighton, is BASES and UKSCA accredited, and is a chartered scientist.

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